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Informatics Education LCCI Bookkeeping Level 2 Programme
Learn the fundamental aspects of business transactions, stock valuation as well as interpretation and preparation of financial statements
9698 4237
SPD Admin Skills Training
Learn core skills in administrative support, including file management, photocopying and scanning of documents

Effective Communication
Learn the different forms of messages, notetaking and how to respond in non-verbal conversations
Sharon Woo
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Goshen Art Gallery Train and Place Programme for Arts and Creatives
Be taught in fine arts and appreciation, while learning the basics of arts and design for home decoration and everyday fashion and jewellery"
Junior Art Lab JRL Signature Training Programme
Acquire the necessary skills to teach digital art and assist in designing products for the marketplace
9722 2935
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Eureka Call Centre Systems (S) Contact Centre Skills Training Programme
Learn the different skills required to engage in warm telephone conversations, handle enquiries, and develop effective communication in the journey to become a professional Call Agent"
Charis Low
6622 7888
Service Quality Centre Customised Training Programme for Contact Centre Agents
Develop the necessary skills required to engage in friendly and warm conversations to excel in responding to queries made over the phone
Tan Hui Boon
6331 1532
Singapore Polytechnic Customised Train and Place Programme for Telemarketers
Be equipped with crucial skills in knowledge of sales products and tactics to engage in telesales to excel as a telemarketer
Zhuo Peifen
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Drum Prodigy Singapore Drum Prodigy Holistic Train and Place Programme
Acquire the relevant knowledge and range of skills required to work in a music enrichment school or creative industry
8661 5107
Faith Music Centre Music Career Training Programme
Be equipped with music skills to be deployed to career bands for corporate, social and public performances
Alvin Yeo
6355 3406 (Office)
9658 9055 (Mobile)
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Autism Resource Centre (Singapore) Employability and Employment Centre (E2C) Programme
Aims to increase the employability of suitable adults with autism by equipping them with employability skills through training and placing them in suitable jobs, with appropriate job support. This is achieved through a 5-step process:
  1. Pre-assessment - determine if programme can meet client’s needs
  2. Assessment - assess learning strengths and support needs
  3. Employability Training - hard and soft skills training in identified areas with prescribed strategies
  4. Job Placement - match and place in suitable worksites
  5. Job Support - prepare worksite, co-workers and install work support plans for sustainability
6592 0426
SPD ESP Employability Training
Be taught the soft skills required for employment, as well as skills needed to prepare for interviews with potential employers

Skills Enabling Training
Obtain the necessary skills relevant to workplace communication including how to manage potential conflicts between colleagues. Learn how to manage personal goals in career development

Telephone Skills
Be taught the basic skills in teleconversation such as the right attitude and tone to approach callers, while maintaining professionalism in handling their enquiries"
Sharon Woo
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Presbyterian Community Services Fundamentals in Educarer Aid Training (ECAT) Programme
Be equipped with the fundamental knowledge, skills and attitudes to apply and implement good early childhood practices. They will gain better understanding of how children learn and grow, and become effective Educarer Aides in a childcare centre

Specialist Training for Educarer Aide Programme
Attain a higher level of knowledge, skills and attitudes to apply and implement good early childhood caregiving practices. It taps on the knowledge that trainees would have acquired during the Fundamentals course and extends it to application of learning in caregiving routines as well as in ensuring the health and safety regulations are followed
Karen Bay
6334 4445
Organisation Programme & Details Contact Info
Spic & Span Basic Certificate in Environmental Cleaning Training Programme
Develop the essential theoretical and practical knowledge in the cleaning of different types of surfaces to excel in area cleaning and hygiene practices
Organisation Programme & Details Contact Info
Project Dignity Basic Food Hygiene and Safety (Bridging) Programme
Gain professional certification in WSQ Follow Food and Beverage Safety and Hygiene, Policies and Procedures

Food & Beverage Train and Place Programme
Learn essential kitchen and service skills for success in a food and beverage setting
9853 9032
Samsui Supplies & Services Certificate in Food & Beverage Operations Training Programme
Acquire fundamental knowledge of the operations in the food and beverage industry and be equipped with essential skills in customer servicing to excel in a front-of-house operations setting
6254 8081
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Singapore Institute of Hospitality Guestroom Cleaning Training Programme
Be equipped with essential skills in tidying guestrooms, keeping and maintaining the cleanliness and grandeur of the guestroom for the next guest
6593 6966
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Human Capital (Singapore) Human Resource Career Accelerator Programme
Achieve your HR & admin career aspirations through customised workshops & WSQ Higher Certificate in HR
Jazvan Loh
6603 8053
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Avantus Training Mobile and Web Development Training Programme
Learn to develop iOS/Android OS mobile applications and e-commerce websites that are essential for businesses to sell their products and services online
6661 0888
Informatics Education Computer Networks Training Programme
Acquire the skills necessary in configuring and maintaining computer networks while understanding the importance and application of cybersecurity in relation to computer networks
9698 4237
Make The Change Website Design and E-Commerce Training Programme
Acquire important skills in managing e-commerce portals using existing open source or self-design platforms

Marketing for the Digital Age
Attain knowledge of search engine optimisation and marketing skills relevant to the needs of the employers today
8686 8675
Trampolene Desktop and IT Support Training Programme
Be equipped with essential skills and knowledge such as end user support to assist in organisational IT support
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SuChi Success Initiatives Supermarket Retail Assistant Training Programme
Develop the necessary skillsets and the appropriate attitudinal stance required to excel as a supermarket retail assistant
6842 8160
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SPD Computer Essentials
Learn about various computer hardware, software and devices including file management, computer networks and computer security

Digital Skills Enabling Training
Learn job search skills, resume writing and job interview skills with the use of computer and the Internet

ICDL Online Collaboration
Learn about collaboration on the Internet via social media, Outlook and cloud computing

ICDL Online Essentials
Learn about the Internet, web browsing and basic knowledge of e-mail management

Learn how to create, edit and enhance standard business documents using Microsoft Words

ICDL Excel
Learn basic features of a spreadsheet programme

ICDL PowerPoint
Learn how to use basic functions to create and manage a presentation

ICDL Image Editing
Learn about digital images and use an image editing application to enhance photos, apply effects, and prepare an image for printing and publishing

ICDL Advanced Word
Acquire skills to use the advanced features of word processing applications to improve productivity

ICDL Advanced Excel
Acquire skills to use advanced functions of spreadsheet applications to produce more sophisticated reports and perform complex mathematical and statistical calculations
Sharon Woo